December 2014

How to use area rugs with hardwood floors

Many homeowners are now rediscovering the class and elegance of hardwood floors for their houses. Hardwood floors may however lack the character or that distinct touch that will match with your design or style. The good news is that, with area rugs, you can easily accentuate natural wooden floors.

Area rugs are not only great in defining the space in a home but they also give it a beautiful ambience or feel. The bright colored ones are especially good in brightening up a dark & intimidating room as well as giving it a warm feeling during cold season. That is why the use of rugs in hardwood floors is both practical and decorative. There are many varieties of area rugs that one can choose from and this may be overwhelming when trying to make a choice. When choosing one, always remember that you are going to use it to accentuate the beautiful hardwood floors and the room. Therefore, it should not draw all the attention but instead blend well with all the other elements in the room.

Interior design magazines and books may guide you when choosing an area rug. They have very important information that will help you especially when choosing the color schemes as well as the designs that will work best for your living space.


Another factor to be considered is the size and placement. Below are some of the sizes as well as how and where they are often used;

  1.  Small to mid-sized- These are often used in kitchens, and bathrooms. They are also used together with a piece of furniture as a focal point in the room.
  2.  Large sized rugs – They are used in dining rooms and also in living rooms. When using these types of rugs, 8 inches of flooring should at least be exposed all around the edges.

Breathability is also another factor to be considered because hardwood floors need air. When looking for breathable area rugs, take a good look of the rug pads. Note that, rugs often get worn out from the bottom because of the friction against the floor. Rug pads therefore serve as a protection to the rug and also provide stability and a foundation that is not slippery. Choosing good, quality rug pads will also lengthen the life of your rug.

Rug pads are always in direct contact with the floor finish and this may result in floor discoloration or even staining of the floor. Rugs made of foam, plastic and rubber should therefore be avoided as they can damage the hardwood floor. The recommend ones are those made of vinyl or soft rubber, wool and those made of cotton. It is also good to seek the opinion of your floor manufacturer so as to be sure on the type of rubber pad that will be best for your floor. One should also avoid rugs made of dyes that can bleed when they are wet. This is because they may stain your floor. You should clean under the rugs so as to remove debris and dirt. This helps to ensure that scratches and any other form of damage is avoided.

Area rugs work perfectly in decorating your home. You only have to make sure that it will not compromise with the quality of your hardwood floor.