September 10, 2014

Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors are easily susceptible to scratches and need rug pads to prevent any damage. Rug pads for hardwood floors are essential and help protect the floors from common damages under the rug. Rug pads for the hardwood floor can be found under the rugs used for hardwood floors. The rug pads are meant to act as a protective barrier keeping the floor free from any form of scratches. The pads also make the floor more comfortable preventing any kind of slip up. Hardwood floors are usually very sensitive to different materials as they have a finish. They do not work well with rug pads made from chemicals as these can react with the hardwood causing damage. Natural fibers that lack chemicals are usually preferred. Dense rug pads which have the capability to prevent the pressure getting to the hardwood floor should be used. They usually act as a barrier helping prevent pressure penetrating from the rug pads to the floor. This way, there is no damage caused to the floors.

The most popular rug pads used for hardwood floors are the felt rug pads. These are usually denser offering them more protection to the floor. The denser a rug is the more protection it will offer to the floor. There are several rug pads in the market currently but we I recommend felt rug pad as the perfect choice when it comes to hardwood floors. They give the best performance when it comes to hardwood floors. More emphasis should be on recycled felt rug pads and the combination of rubber and felt as they are the most popular. It is essential for homeowners to learn a few things before selecting the right rug pad for their hardwood floors. Selecting a recycled felt rug pad should your first consideration as they are more environmentally friendly. Avoid rugs which contain chemicals or adhesives that can react to the hardwood floor. Felt pads with over 40 ounces of fiber made in USA should be selected. This have been tested in places with very heavy furniture and found to resist any form of damage. The felt rug pads use intense heating to keep them intact unlike other rugs that use chemicals.

These rug pads for hardwood are good and work best for all floors apart from hardwood floor. Without clear knowledge on the right type of rug pads, it can be very challenging for most people when it comes to choosing the right rug pad. It is my hope you have noticed the differences of using one rug pad over another in different floors and the benefits each can bring. Those with concerns on their hardwood floors now know the right type of rug pad to use.